Why do I do this? 

I am an average American person just like you. I make a average living, live in an average house, and have an average family with average problems just like you.

I am not content with average to tell you the truth.

That discontent with average made me invest in Kiva loans back in 2010 and from that I have created the Maruri Fund, in honor of my family with just about $400 in funding to date. Now, those $400 invested, repaid, and invested again and again have created over 7X the loan impact to over $2,800 as of February, 2015. Via Kiva, the money I lend is repaid back to me and I lend it again to another person in need. Lenders like the Maruri Fund and the thousands of other members do not earn money on any loans we make via Kiva. I think Kiva and the Maruri Fund can help me realize one of my childhood dreams. That is, to help improve as many peoples living conditions as I possibly can and to magnify my impact as much as I can over my lifetime. Frankly, to leave the world a better place than I how I found it. I live by this and I try to get others to understand the importance of this simple philosophy of not taking more than what you give. Give always more than what you take.

My personal funding goal for year 2020 is to have lent $20,000 in loans to people in need by then.

Onil Maruri, Founder